Charitable Works

Charity Works open more doors of opportunities to reach out to local people and to build. Through charity works, CFWM provides daycare center for children of migrant workers. CFWM also helps needy families to start up their livelihood through start-up plans. CFWM finances water projects in mountainous areas affected by drought.

CFWM also participates in many social and charitable works. Through the generous supports of many believers and fellowships, AIM is able to provide these services to thousands of needy people.  


a) Scholarships for Highschoolers 中学生奖学金

b) Scholarships for University Students 大学生奖学金

c) Agriculture Projects 农业项目

d) Water and Well Projects 水源和水井项目

e) Food Distributions 食品配送

f) Daycare Centers  托儿所/幼教中心

g) Hope Elementary Schools  希望学校

h) Provided families with capital needed to raise pigs, goats, etc. to start small businesses 提供家庭本金养猪、羊等,或做小生意