Evangelistic Meetings

CFWM reaches out non-believers through monthly evangelistic meetings, three-weeks-evangelistic trips in January, July and December in the mainland, as well as evangelistic Crusades in other countries. (Click Here for More Information)

AIS is still in the process of training missionary candidates. Our vision is to train 10,000 missionary candidates. In order to reach this goal AIS

博爱还处在培训宣教工人的阶段,我们的异象是培训10,000个宣教士, 为了能达到以下目标:

a) Missionary Supports 宣教士支持

b) China For World Missions Conferences 中国为海外宣教

c) Evangelistic Crusades 福音布道会

d) Leadership Training in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia在越南、老挝和柬埔寨的领袖培训

e) Bible School in Vietnam 越南的神学学习班

f) Short-term Mission Trips 短期宣教

g) Kindergartens in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia越南、老挝和柬埔寨的幼儿园