Christian Literature Distribution

At His providence, CFWM also provides Christian materials and textbooks to students in Bible Schools, and Missionary Training Schools. CFWM also distributes thousands of Bibles to new believers and churches. (Click Here for More Information)

With more than a thousand students, leaders in-training and thousands of believers in the networks, Bibles, textbooks, materials, and equipments are in great demand. We are looking for donors to provide teaching materials to students, leaders, Bibles to churches and believers, and equipments to facilitate training and living conditions 

随着超过1000个学生和领袖培训, 以及在联络中的成千的信徒们,我们急需圣经、教材、资料和设备。 因此, 我们寻找愿意为学生的教材, 领袖培训的资料和教会传福音用的圣经捐助。

a) Bible Distributions 圣经分放

b) Material Printing 资料印刷

c) Educational Equipments 教育设备

d) Boarding Equipments 住宿设备

e) Musical Equipments 音乐设备

f) Publication Equipments 出版设备