Mission Mobilization

CFWM sends out mission mobilizers to teach and inspire churches and believers to be more active in praying for mission, supporting missions, and engaging in missions. This mobilization challenges leaders and believers to reach out their neighbors creatively and send out mission candidates to pioneer churches in places of needs. (Click Here for More Information)

CFWM is mission and evangelism oriented, the following events are organized monthly or quarterly to reach out to the lost, to build up believers, and to give first hand experiences to our students.

中国对海外宣教是宣教和福传为导向的,每月或每季度会组织下列活动来触及 失丧的灵魂、来建造信徒同时为我们的学生提供第一手的服事经验。

a) Prayer Meeting  祷告会

b) Healing and Deliverance Services医治释放服事

c) Testimony Meeting  见证会

d) Business Dinner Fellowship  商人餐会

e) Children Day or Children Thanksgiving 儿童节或儿童感恩节

f) Praise and Worship Night  赞美敬拜夜

g) Evangelistic Tour 福传布道旅行

h) Street Evangelism 街头布道