Other Works

As we minister a large number of students and needy people, there are a lot of financial needs to the rentals of dorms, training centers, leadership training places, fellowship halls, evangelistic events, daycare centers, dorms, offices, and homes for needy peoples.

因为我们服侍众多学生和有需求的人群, 我们需要大量资金来支付培训中心、宿舍,领袖培训场所、聚会点、布道场所、托儿所、宿舍、办公室以及由需求人们住宿的租金。

a) Schools 学校

b) Churches 教会

c) Home or Rentals for Elderly People Home老人之家(或房租)

d) Home or Rentals for Needy Children Home特种需求的儿童之家(或房租)

e) Home or Rentals for Mission Workers Home宣教士之家(或房租)

f) Daycare Centers for Children of Migrant Workers民工儿童的关怀中心

g) Dormitory  宿舍