Our Story

2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of our indigenously founded mission organization with vision to serve East Asia and beyond. The mist of the last decade passed by ever so quickly.  There are many accomplishments for which to give praise but an unfathomably vast harvest remains virtually untouched in the field.

2005 was our first year and ministry began in a tough Muslim autonomous region where we were taught a real good lesson of faith. As far as we knew, not one soul came to Christ due to language and religious barriers, suspicion and hostility. We did not receive a single cent from friends or churches to support our efforts. We barely survived on our meager savings as university professors and yet we praise God for his merciful protections as we fed our new born son Luke the cheapest melamine tainted Three Deer Milk Powder of Sanlu Group for 3 years without consequence even though more than 300,000 thousand children were seriously affected. 

2006 was a year of realignment and repentance for having trusted in man instead of God. At that time, we renewed fully our commitment to follow God’s call into ministry even though financially it did not make sense.

2007 witnessed the fruit of faith and patience as more than 80 young students came to our bible school and 20 church planters were selected and sent to different provinces to plant churches. God’s manifold blessings were further confirmed by bringing in more generous donors at the end of the year.

2008 saw another 60 young students added and was the beginning of our Winter/Summer evangelistic trips and monthly evangelistic meetings. This year also witnessed our ability to provide continuous financial support to 20 pastors and leaders from the partnering networks.

2009 began with the founding of a seminary in Vietnam with 50 students for the graduate program.  It was at this time that we started our quarterly leadership training program and sent co-workers to the south in preparation of the coming school.

2010 enlarged our training with a new bible school in the southern part to accommodate the growing seminary with almost 250 students, enlarging mission frontiers with the sending of 25 new church planters and establishing many leadership training centers in various provinces. This year also saw the realization of our dream in sending out short-term missionaries abroad.

2011 and 2012 showed the largest number of students so far with almost 400 students in all of our schools, the largest number of leaders trained and the sending out of 25 mission mobilizers.  It was during this time that two daycare centers were established which are used primarily by migrant workers.  This is a huge need and as you can imagine, there are tremendous opportunities to evangelize through caring for children.  During this time, my ministry responsibilities had grown to the point that I was compelled to resign from my post at the university and take a new adventure of faith. As ministry levels increased, so did opposition as the devil attacked us with a strong series of persecutions.

2013-2014 showed the great intensity in local and world mission mobilization with a lot of travel and largest number of graduates.  50 were ordained to be pastors, evangelists, as well as 21 were newly sent out as church planters. Thousands of souls have come into the Kingdom through Greater Power Crusades in West Africa, and hundreds of pastors were inspired through Missional Leaders Conference in Africa and the first one in Korea.

2015 began with the ever challenging winter evangelistic trips and the first Missional Leaders Conference in Los Angeles. Due to the fact that our primary focus has been pioneering instead of pastoring, the majority of our church plantings are in need of local, long term leadership. We are working to fill this gap in 2015.

In summary, we supported 66 church planters for a period of 3-4 years and currently 21 full time church planters who are still active in pioneering work. Our school employs 34 full time teaching staff with roughly 40 intern teachers and 20 mission mobilizers. We have trained more than 700 young workers and there are more than 1000 leaders and pastors who are under our current training, many of whom will be graduating next year with Bachelor of Theology after spending more than 3 years studying at our school. We have organized hundreds of evangelistic meetings, praise and worship nights, evangelistic trips, mission mobilizations, crusades and charity projects. We pioneered around 150 churches through church planters, students, and staff, and many more by graduates.

While it is encouraging to reflect on how far we have come and the victories we have been a part of, we cannot rest on our laurels.  Past success does not mean the road ahead is smooth as there are tons of sweat and tears that must come from pushing ourselves to run the race as commanded with the same Love and Intensity that we had in the beginning. Persecutions are unavoidable and various challenges are still vital parts of life, yet in all these things we will overcome by His power and love.

I am humbled by God’s favor on this ministry by providing generous and sacrificing co-workers, visiting faculty and donors.  Our Lord has manifest his Holy Spirit power by providing these members of His body for the support of our efforts in various forms.

Please accept my invitation to join us as we unite HANDS, HEARTS and MINDS in our efforts to bring to fruition His given 10 years planning (2007-2017):

Various Training for 2000 Young Workers
Increasing Planting of 300 Churches
Systematic Leadership Training for 1000 Leaders
Incredible Support to 100 Church Planters
Ongoing Training and Development of 600 Full Time Teachers
Networking to Send Out 200 Cross Cultural Communicators
Special Mission Mobilization and Training through 100 Mission Trainers.
Start a Registered Inter-Cultural Studies College for Cross Cultural Works