While ago I was boarding on a connecting flight from Orlando, Florida to Dallas, Texas. I was praying of how to start the conversation with him and began to talk to him but he did not seem to even bother to look at me. Then he closed his eyes to sleep and so did I. I knew that he was tired and I was tired as well as I woke up at 3:30am to go to the airport.

Sometimes Later after a long sleep, I realized that he might not hear what I was saying as I saw him begin to clean his hearing aid devices and he had both hearing aid devices on both of his ears. What should I do? I thought for a while then I took out my iPad and hopefully we could communicate through writing. So I began,

"I am Pastor Joshua, if you are willing, I am praying for you that God heals you and restore your hearing." (Lesson 1: don't forget our identity, our responsibility and authority)

I showed him my writing on the iPad but he did not respond so I touched his arms and showing him my writing and he tried to read. Then with his sign language he said "No, and he is very fine." Yet he nodded his heart and smiled and I interpret as "you are good or kind."

I was thinking should I stopped but I decided to keep the conversation going, so I wrote:

"I encourage you to seek God for your healing. God is more than able to heal but the most important healing is the healing of our soul and spirit and our relationship with God, our Creator. May God bless you"

I had to tap on his arm again before I could get his attention and read my writing. He nodded his head and smiled again with the same meaning I guessed. But he still did not reply me. So I continue. 

"I am pastor Joshua. Yang from China and I am glad to meet you." I showed him my writing yet he did not seem to see or read it. So I tapped on his arm again to get his intention. Oh I was not sure if he was irritated or not. So he read it and then there was no reply excepting nodding his head and smile and that encouraged me to do what I did earlier. I was waiting and thought what should I do. So I prayed for him and God would open his heart. (lesson 2: Keep "Irritating" with the Gospel and Then Pray)

To my surprise he made sign language asking me to give him my iPad so I did. Then he wrote, "I am chad and cool to meet you". I am so glad to grasp the opportunities then I wrote as I could see he was waiting to read my writing. (Lesson 3: Don't Make Excuses, the Gospel May Be Preached In Many Ways. It is about our heart not about the approach)

"Bro. Chad, I am praying for you while ago. Just try God. All you need to do is to ask God to cleanse you and break every curses that come upon your life. Every morning you can simply talk to God that God I believe in you and I believe in your healing of hearing. God thank you for your healing. It is that simple yet you need faith to pray that prayer."

After reading, he kept silence for a while and I was not sure what was going on in his mind. Then he asked for my iPad again as he wrote, "Also I am legally blind and pray for that too." Oh I now understood why he did not see me or at least pay attention to me until I tapped on his arm. So I encouraged him,

"The book of Mark tells us that Jesus heals many blind and deaf people. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to open your eyes to see normally and to restore your hearings. Believe for greater miracles in your life in the name of Jesus. God loves you." He nodded his head again and smiled and say thank you. Then I prayed for him. Then we shake hands, and I said God Bless You as we said goodbye. (Lesson 4: Be Patient and Be Faithful In Sharing Our Faith. People will listen to us when they see our conviction

Please pray for Bro. Chad and May God heals him either physically or emotionally or spiritually. Thanks (Lesson 5.....: you write yourself and share it to me and everyone, for me I have to board airplane now and no time to write anymore)