Reaching out the minorities is still in great demand. Throughout the years, our ministry have provided leadership training for pastors and leaders of the churches, Bible School training to young students and charity project to the minorities

Since non-local resident preachers and trainers are still not “welcome” in many places of the mountainous areas, our ministry does provide leadership training, and mission training in nearby cities so students can come and receive the regular training.

Though it is costly because our school provides transportation fee, foods and housing to all the students through the generous supports of our mission partners. The students are hungry for the Word and they are very diligent in studying and preparing themselves for the ministry. Let us partner together so we can bring more students to be trained for His glory.

It is worth the investment, now we have graduates for Bachelor of Theology Degree Programs and it is time for them to enroll in a college through Distant Education. It is a long process yet it is needed to bring about social and spiritual transformation when they are well equipped to take the challenges in their hometowns. Would you like to provide more scholarships to these students?

We are going to start a new group of leadership and mission training for the minorities, you are welcome to be part of this mission. Bless this mission as you are called to do so. To have more students to come for these trainings, we need regular and generous supports to keep the training going and going well. And you are welcome to come and train these students together. Amen