It was in 1996 that i received from the Lord the vision of a Christian college. I did not know where and when this vision would come to pass. So I just prayed in 1998 when I left the country that “Lord, please make the vision to come true in 20 years.” Now I am about to receive the answer, and I realize that I should had prayed for the dream to come to be realized in 10 years instead of 20 so that I don’t need to wait for that long because the Lord answers according to what we ask.

Thank God we are now starting the promotion and the enrollment for the first semester in 2016. Though it is still a daughter college yet the vision is unfolding before our eyes.  In the meantime, I cannot share too much in details about this lest the enemies would destroy us again as they did with our plan in 2009. 

The purpose of this college in short is to prepare the graduates of mission training for a degree so that they can serve nations abroad and others can serve as teachers in elementary schools so they can penetrate in to the societies for long-term outreach. Please keep us hard in your prayers for His protection, providences, power,… For those who are interested in this vision, kindly contact me directly through my email and we can interact more on the matter. Many Thanks