This year while my evangelistic teams are ministering in the East and I am ministering in the West. While they are spending most of the time reaching out to the people outdoor, i am ministering to pastors and believers indoor. While they are preaching mainly evangelistic messages to reach out non-believers, i am preaching mainly revival messages to challenges believers for evangelism and missions. While they are giving the altar call for people to accept Jesus and repent of their sins, I am giving the altar call for believers to come back to Jesus and repent of their lukewarm. While they are ministering up in the mountains, down to the valleys, in the market places and factories, I am ministering in churches, Christian Academy, Christian College, Bible Study Groups, Christian Television Station, and Christian Radio Station...

Outreach, as they are doing, In-Reach and Up-Reach as I am doing are all important and tough. Whether our teams are in the front lines to fight the tough battles in their efforts to reach out the lost in the cold winter or I am fighting the battles in my efforts to inspire and challenge believers to be on fire and to take actions to reach out the lots in the comfortable Christian settings, all of our efforts are needed. Yet we also need to realize the main reasons why some churches are growing and getting the bountiful harvests of souls, and many churches are declining, losing their members and even closed. From California to Georgia, to Alabama and Florida, mega churches are attracting members of other churches and small churches are at risk of combining or struggling to survive.

Don't we have more than enough non-believers or non-church goers for us to fill our churches? I think we forget the foundational truth that "For the Son of Man came to Seek and Save what was lost." Without Seeking there is no Saving. Without Seeking out the lost, the lost is still lost. Many churches and leaders today have little actions to do outreach in the local communities and people surrounding them. We don't seem to feel guilty when our churches are dying. We don't seem to feel guilty when we try to avoid sharing God's love to people sitting near to us in the train, bus or airplanes by pretending sleeping or reading books. We don't seem to feel guilty just to sit in our comfortable offices and wondering why our churches are not growing while getting upset as our members are transferring to other churches. We don't seem to feel guilty even a bit as souls are dying. Is it the time for us to repent as well? By the way, I am writing this as I am just doing my job in in reach and up reach efforts during this Winter Trip.

Oh when I arrive home, I still have a few days left to join the remaining evangelistic trip of our teams before going home for family union and Chinese New Year Celebration to make my trip completed with outreach efforts. Yes, it is better late than never, don't you think so? I am boarding home now and hope to connect to you again soon in the coming days or months probably. Stay blessed.

10 Year Planning (2007-2017)

Various Trainings for 2000 Young Workers

Increasing Planting of 300 Churches

Systematic Leadership Training for 1000 Leaders

Incredible Supports to 100 Church Planters

Ongoing Training and Development of 600 Full Time Teachers

Networking to Send Out 200 Cross Cultural Communicators

Special Mission Mobilization and Training Through 100 Mission Trainers.

Starting A Registered Inter-Cultural Studies College for Cross Cultural Works