As I look at the Graduates of last year and of this year, all I can say is it is His Miracle. Graduation is a joyful time yet it is also a strong reminder for me that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Though it is not always possible yet my prayer of faith is that every year we will see the number of the graduates to be doubled. 

This means more hard work, more sweat, more workers, more challenges, more faith, more prayers, more coordination, more sacrifices, more sleepless nights, more financial support. Yet all the efforts are worth it and nothing can be compared to the eternal values produced by trainers, donors and hundreds of the graduates.

The Graduation Ceremony is exciting and I need to say thanks and many thanks to God and to all of you who have been sharing the joy and the pains together to produce great fruits of the Kingdom workers. Please continue to stand with us and supporting us in many ways to make the Graduation of next year and the years to come possible and powerful.